Employees of the Star Finishes plant in Southeast Madera County.
Star Finishes is a "Class A" finishing company that has opened their door in the Southeast part of Madera County.

Star Finishes is located in the Brickyard Industrial Park on Avenue 10. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality, state of the art metal finishing on the market today. Services include metal stripping, aluminum conversion coating and "Class A" powder coating. They have completed their start-up and have been powder coating for B-K Lighting and a limited number of other customers and have reached the point of expanding out for contracts from other companies. "We are seeking companies that have high quality powder coating needs," states Mike Barnard, General Manager.

"The scope is high-quality powder coat finishes and an environmentally-friendly operation," states Barnard. Star Finishes is commited to utilizing technology that is environmentally friendly for each of the services they provide. B-K Lighting is their top customer and has recently moved into a facility in the same industrial park. Customer service and reliability is their focus. Quality assurance is conducted at the facility and they presently are below one percent in required re-work for B-K Lighting, and they have very high standards.

Star Finishes presently has 9 employees. Barnard's plans are to operate 24 hours a day with 3 shifts in the future.


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